About Us


Sandeela is a fashion brand synonymous with quality, creativity & colours. We meet high standards because our dedicated team strives hard to make it all possible!

We consider our people as our biggest asset. We believe in collective performance & try to create synergy within teams. That’s why we never fail to celebrate our successes no matter how small they may be.

At Sandeela, quality is given a lot of importance. Each step has its own set of standards & we don’t move forward with a product until it complies with all those standards.

Creativity is something that makes us different from others in the market. New ideas, new methods & creative solutions are what we work with all the time & that’s the reason why we don’t get bored with what we do.

We are conscious that the colours we wear add to our mood. They reflect much more than what we think. Using colour combinations that are pleasing to our eyes makes us happy & contented with what we wear. We understand ‘you’ as our customer & we know you feel good when you look good!

So go ahead & define yourself with Sandeela!


Free shipping on all orders above PKR 2,500. Delivery time is 5 – 12 working days for nationwide shipping & 7 – 15 working days for international shipping.

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